My name is Jan. The main purpose of this website is to host some of my work as well as document some of my discoveries.
Language: I speak, read and write fluently in English, Norwegian/Danish/Swedish and Tamil. I also speak a little French🥖
Coding Language: HTML, Javascript, PHP, Python🐍 and some C++

You can find more information about me here.


Throughout my coding days in high school, I have taken company-sized requests. I have made everything from custom websites to custom programs/scripts to help small businesses and made their daily work-life easier. I can make professional emails for your buisness, e.g "[email protected]". I also help businesses get higher rankings on google-listings by optimizing their google-business profile.

⮟Done projects

  • Woman salon [Nails, lashes & waxing]:💅🏾
    Website with custom effects, cross-platform features and a booking system for their clients.
    Website link:
  • Franzefoss AS [Waste management]:♻️
    A local branch in my hometown Sandnes in Norway asked for a custom-built program. This program would calculate the total cost with transportation, what type of rig needed for the transport, and it accounted for other orders thereby making it effective and more profitable for the company. The head executive just had to overlook and fulfil orders, where previously he had to do it all by hand on a spreadsheet.
    Website link:
  • Photo studio [Photography]:📸
    This is an template of how a Photo studio based website could look like. The website is currently a under construction.
    Website link:
  • G/28 [Logo design & website]:🥻
    A custom, unique and elegant brand made my @Jan.sinnadurai. The website is currently a under construction to become a clothing shop. A general shop template can be found and demoed @👷.
    Website link:


My name is Jan N. Sinnadurai.
I am a nerd who loves simple, elegant and modern designs. I am a positive, efficient and energetic person who enjoys contact with other people. I am service minded and like to help others. With university knowledge and real-life experience under my belt, I can face any obstacle and resolve any issues. I love computers and technology and the impact they have on our everyday lives. There is no greater feeling than creating something that people use and enjoy. My expertise lies within website development, email businesses, logo design and clothing design.

You can check out my work here.

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